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Every business that makes up the Speciality Coffee industry is dependent on coffee farmers to produce speciality grade quality coffee beans. 

The farmers act as pace setters for the entire chain and each link in the chain is interdependent. If there is no economic incentive for producing high quality beans farmers just won't do it.  

Our vision is focused on helping develop the industry's sustainability and foster a higher demand of speciality grade coffee. Through innovation & certified education, awareness, and connection, in the whole business chain the Sustainable Coffee Institute is committed to improve the welfare of coffee farmers and their ability to have long-term success.



We know, through hard earned experience, that the key to long-term success in coffee is making the right business decisions,

be it as a coffee farmer, coffee processor, green bean trader,  coffee roaster or the owner of a coffee shop.

Having good business acumen is equally as important as producing, evaluating, roasting and making a good cup of coffee. In this highly competitive industry, successfully navigating the business side can save you from making lots of unnecessary mistakes.  If you want to develop your business into a viable and sustainable long-term success, we will teach you how. We will help you get a head start and avoid costly mistakes in running your business.


We provide you with a coffee institute that is relevant to your sustainability needs.

Our desire is to bring a greater awareness of and more practically define sustainability in the context of coffee.  We do this by helping those involved learn about the economic and innovative principles and practices and further help apply those to their own area of industry. Through classes, blogs and social media events, we hope to broaden your understanding and deepen your success. Our primary focus is on the Asian market and the supply chain in this region.

We provide certified education for farmers and coffee professionals that will lead to officially certified sustainable business practices. 

SCI curriculum will incorporate the latest knowledge for each specific certified class, be it Coffee Processing, Roasting or other SCI certified programs. We strive to be innovative and on the frontier of knowledge development. To do this we have partnered with world leading experts within each sphere to develop our course content so that our students learn the latest new ideas and concepts that are important to them. Our course content is regularly reviewed to make sure that it facilitates the latest best practices. 

We help connect farmers to other consuming countries and vice versa through a web and mobile app.

We have developed a special web and mobile app designed to build greater communication across oceans to strengthen the coffee production chain. The goal is to truly work towards greater traceability, sustainability, quality and communication. Customers and consumers are able to quickly find a farm, see pictures of the farm and farmers, read their stories, learn about their crop as well as find and input their own cupping scores. Cupping scores from all over the world are averaged together to get a more accurate score motivating consumers to buy and famers to strive towards greater quality.